Nonlin BETA 0.1

Author: Bhuvanesh Bhatt (




Nonlin is a program for nonlinear regression. This is a preview release. There are two major limitations:

w        You cannot specify the modeling function
(this will be added in the next beta release)

w        You cannot specify the list of derivatives of the modeling function
(this will be unnecessary from the next beta version)



Computation screen (accessed using nonlin(arg1,arg2,)):


Results screen:


The program returns the best-fit values of the parameters as a list.



This program is currently in beta and may provide inaccurate results or may crash or hang. I am not responsible for any damage done to your calculator. To reset the calculator, press:

[2nd][LOCK][ON] on the TI-92 Plus

[2nd][LEFT][RIGHT][ON] on the TI-89

If this doesn't reset the calculator, take out a battery, press and hold [(-)][)] while you insert the battery.

Of course, this does not mean your calculator will definitely crash or hang :-) In fact, you should be able to break a calculation by pressing [ON].

Please let me know if you get inaccurate results or any undesirable behavior; I will try to fix it. Thanks.