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EQW is copyrighted software. Please do not distribute it to other sites without permission from the author.


EQW version 1.18

Author: E.W.

EQW is a graphical equation editor created by E.W. for the Texas Instruments TI-89 and TI-92+ calculators. With EQW, you create and edit equations and expressions in a graphical format, instead of the usual command-line format. With EQW, it is easier to create and edit expressions without typographical errors. The expression is displayed in 'pretty-print' format, as you enter it. Since EQW can evaluate expressions and subexpressions, you can also use EQW as a calculation environment. This feature is further enhanced in that EQW supports the STO operator, the 'with' operator |, and most built-in functions and commands. You can also call EQW from TI-Basic programs.


Download EQW and its documentation
Update 1.17 fixed a bug in v1.16.
Documentation updated (Nov 26th).
Update 1.18 works around an AMS inconsistency.

Flash app version for the TI-89 and TI-92+/V200
There are several new features in the Flash app version.

   EQW is copyrighted by E.W.