TextIO v1.02

Utility routines for writing to and reading from Text variables

Author: Bhuvanesh Bhatt (bbhatt1@towson.edu)

Last updated: September 23, 2001




This is a set of two very simple little programs that write to and read from a text variable.




If you wish to prevent evaluation or auto-simplification of the expression, input it as a string. To insert a newline, just input a blank string.

The writing mode can be:
"w" or "write" if you want to create a new text variable or overwrite an existing one
"a" or "append" if you want to append to an existing text variable

str_format should be:
0 (default) if strings should be written without quotation marks
1 if quotation marks should be added.



Do not try to read anything other than a Text variable. The maximum number of characters per line for TxtRead is 512.



TxtWrite("Here is an expression","test","write")


TxtWrite("Let's try a string with quotes","test","append",1)


Now the text variable "test" in the current folder will contain:

:Here is an expression


:"Let's try a string with quotes"



General comments:

        For the variable name, you can specify a variable in the current folder or you can give the full path. For TxtWrite, if the folder you specify does not exist, you will be prompted to create it.

        Any input errors (bad argument type, etc.) are shown in the status line.


What's New:

TxtRead() function added to read from a text variable. It returns the entire content of the text variable as a list of strings.



Although I have tried several inputs with this program before releasing it, I cannot guarantee that it will not hang or crash. If it does hang or crash, reset the calc:

[2nd][LOCK][ON] on the TI-92 Plus

[2nd][LEFT][RIGHT][ON] on the TI-89

If this doesn't reset the calculator, take out a battery, then press and hold [(-)][)] while you insert the battery. I am not responsible for any damage to your calculator.