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The TipList was originally created by Doug Burkett, all the way back in ’99. From a modest collection of useful tips and and tricks on how to correctly and efficiantly use TI’s most advanced graphic calculators – the TI-89 and the TI-92(+), the tiplist has grown to an extensive, comprehensive database of timesavers and solutions to common issues involving the fluent use of these calculators.

It’s the next most extensive manual you would turn to, after the calculator’s own manual. Herein are questions and answers you would find nowhere else on the web or in print.

This site was designed to bring you the tiplist and more in a convenient format, and in small, selective downloads that save time and make it easier to comprehend.

This site is completely free. The information herein is the result of a lot of experience in the application of these calculators in everyday life problem-solving, and has been tested and confirmed largely by a lot of people like you – the TI community. Note, however, that   

any damage or loss of data due to use of the information of this site is solely your responsibility.


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- Doug Burkett

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