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Ti-89 (Italiano, English)
Tired of English sites? Visit the Italian site on the TI-89 calculator! You will find my own programs (the great Control's Toolbox!), Italian FAQ, the best links and the best math and engineering programs in internet!

TI-89 Clair&net (Franšais)
This site has games, math, physics, chemistry, EE and mechanics programs, as well as pictures for the TI-89 and TI-92+

TI-Programmers (English)
A great source for learning, debugging, mastering and just plain chatting about TI-programming!

Linear pro(zac) (English)
Linear systems + control pro(zac); A TI89 folder that contains many (100+) programs for linear systems, control, and advanced control: liniarization, Routh-Hurwitz matx, root locus, bode, nyquist, controllability, observability, Lyapunov, margins, and lots more!
Ray Kremer's FAQ (English)
Got a question? This excellent site probably has the answer! (English)
Mega site for games and other useful programs for all TI calcs.

Olivier Miclo's TI-CAS  (English, Franšais)
"Technical Informations about Computer Algebra Systems"

Roberto Perez-Franco's Symbulator webpage (English, Espa˝ol)
If you need a superb electric circuits solver, try the legendary symbulator! Also on this website - Lars Frederiksen's excellent RPN, ODE solver, Laplace/Fourier transforms, and more!

TICT at (English, Deutsch)
Home of the famous EBook program, TIChess and many other useful programs and games!
Amrstrong Atlantic State University webpage (English)
This site has a wide variety of great math tools, from symbolic eigensystems, through Newton's method for soving linear eqs. to even a parametric 3D grapher!

Did I forget your webpage? Tell me about it!