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The TipList is divided into chapters, each dealing with a specific aspect of the use of TI89 and TI92(+). After each topic, there is a brief paragraph describing what the chapter is about, to make it easier for you to locate information about what interests you.

All the programs discussed in the TipList are available in the Program Archive Section.

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Front Matter
Revision Records: 9.0 to 10.0

Chapter 1:Miscellaneous tips

About the Discussion Groups -- how to approach and what to avoid; Reserved Variables list; How to create a picture variable from your PC, and how to exchange data between your PC and TI89 or TI92(+).

Chapter 2:Computer Algebra System (CAS) tips

On Symbolic equality tests; Why doesn't the expression simplify? Absolute values in integrals; how to find more symbolic integrals, faster, with Real mode and constraints, and more...

Chapter 3:Data structure tips

On deleting and replacing matrix rows and columns; reversing list elements; when to append, augment(), or seq() elements to a list, and more...

Chapter 4:Graphing and plotting tips

On plotting data and functions simultaneously; 3D parametric lines and surfaces; piecewise functions; truth plots; vertical lines and more...

Chapter 5:GraphLink Cable and Software Tips

On transmission errors; backing up your data, and avoiding trouble.

Chapter 6:Math Tips

On improving floating-point solutions to simultaneous equations; Gamma and log-gamma functions; rounding numbers; complex derivatives; linear regression through a fixed point; converting trigonometric expressions to exponential format; faster numerical solutions for polynomials; exact solutions to cubic and quartic equations; converting to angles; sub-dividing integration; interpolations; Fibonacci numbers, and more...

Chapter 7:TIBasic Programming Tips

On using the built-in function documentation in CATALOG; using language localization; error codes; recursions; external programs/functions; stopping programs; returning program results to the HOME screen; accessing variables from any folder; determining calculator model and ROM version; return more than one result from functions; application launcher; using 'undef' as an argument; using scripts, and more...

Chapter 8:String Variable Tips

On strings; converting integers to strings; string substitutions, and creating strings that include quote characters.

Chapter 9:User Interface Tips

On icons; toolbars; the 'ok' system variable; displaying more lines on the 92+ I/O screen; dynamic dialog boxes and dialog boxes limitations; grouping fraction digits; accessing all custom menus from any custom menu, and more...

Chapter 10:Units Conversion Tips

On adding, converting and removing units; units and AUTO mode; temperature units and more...

Chapter 11:Solving Tips

On nSolve() versus Solve() and cSolve(); Zeros() and constraints; cZeros() and cSolve() for real solutions? multiple equations and Solve(); bounds and estimates; "Questionable Accuracy" warnings and more...

Appendix F: Beta Tips

These are tips that have not been incorporated into the main tip list sections yet. They may be corrections or revisions of existing tips, or they may be new tips. In any case, we welcome comments, criticisms and corrections of these beta tips.

Appendix A: Anti-Tips

Appendix B:     More resources

Appendix C: Glossary

Appendix D: Command Quick Reference Guide

Appendix E: Tip list programs and functions